Wednesday 22.11.23

A. Weighted Pull Ups or Pull Up Negatives

Weighted Pull Ups

Build to a 1RM in 10 mins


Pull Up Negative

Every 2 mins for 5 sets perform 3-5 slow controlled negatives


– 3-6 Bar Muscle Ups

–  6-8 SL DB Step Up

–  3-6 Strict HSPU

– :30 AMRAP Double Unders


Purpose and Desired stimulus:

– Working upper press/pull in different ways today (strength, Eccentric, Dynamic)

– Upper Pull/press strength

– Upper pull/press dynamic skills

– Upper pull/press endurance

– working with clock to get more work done and controlled rest intervals

– Lunge pattern work

– Lunge pattern work

– Double Under Practice

– Manageable sets during EMOM

– Mixed modal gymnastic focused conditioning; open training

Scale to ensure the desired purpose and stimulus are met with the following

Scaling options:

– Stick to either weighted pull up or negatives, negatives can also be weighted

– If a pull up bar is not possible segmented ring negatives can be used