Wednesday 23.4.12 WOD

For the next eight weeks we are aiming to improve our Pulling gymnastics with 4 possible tracks on Wednesdays
L1. Get your first kipping pull up
L2. Increase pull up capacity – for those who have a pull up or some
L3. get your first ring muscle up – for those who can esaily perform 10 strict pull ups
L4. increase muscle up capacity – have ring muscle ups and need to increase capacity

Week 2 of 8
A. 4 Rounds of the following circuit
– L1 and L2: 6-8 Beat Swings; L3 and L4: 6-8 Beat Swings on Rings
rest 1 min
– L1 and L2: Chin over bar hollow hold; L3 False grip Rings to chest hold on ground; L4: False Grip Ring to chest hold (off ground)
rest 1 min
– L1 and L2: 4 Pull Up or Ring Row Negatives Negatives; L3: 2 False Grip foot assisted Ring Muscle Up negatives L4: 2 False Grip RMU Negatives
rest 1 min
L1: Max Set Ring Rows; L2: Max Set Pull Ups; L3: 2-4 Foot Assisted Ring Muscle Ups; L4: 2-4 Ring Muscle Ups
rest 3 mins

For time:
Cal Row
DB Box Step Overs 50/35 24/20
Devils Press 50/35