Saturday 22.11.26 WOD

A. Snatch or Clean cluster sets; light to moderate load

2.2.2 ; rest :15; rest 2 mins x 3 total sets

B. Every 3 mins for 4 sets

50ft Lunges  (unloaded)

10 TTB

Metcon: 3 REFT

24/20 Cal Row

12 DB Snatch 50/35

rest 1 min

Purpose and Desired stimulus:

– OLY cluster work: volume task under time

– Open movement patterns capacity work

– interval conditioning with an Open DB mvement

– Lifting should be done with technique first approach

– Lunge TTB work should be performed as quickly as possible for each set

– Row/Snatch work should be done with intensity in mind but smooth and consistent form on snatches

– aim for unbroken snatch sets

Scale to ensure the desired purpose and stimulus are met with the following

Scaling options:

– choose snatch or clean based on motivation and experience level

– advanceed athletes should choose the movement they need more work on between clean and snatch

– progressive scaling for TTB

– scale cals/reps/weight on MetCon