Friday 22.11.25 WOD

** If you participated in the Turkey WOD consider taking a rest day or doing 30 mins easy cardio/movement work

A. Back Squat

5×5; rest 2mins light to moderate loading

B. Push Press

5×3; rest 2 mins light to moderate loading



Cal bike

Box Jump Overs 24/20

Purpose and Desired stimulus:

– Squat and dynamic overhead strength maintenance

– Squat and dynamic overhead strength maintenance

– Open movemement capacity (box jump overs)

– intensity conditioning

– MetCon should be fast and aggressive

– mental toughness/ even pacing box jump overs can become a grinding movement with out intent and focus

Scale to ensure the desired purpose and stimulus are met with the following

Scaling options:

– scale lifts to what is appropriate to experience and mobility

– modify metcon with less reps/cals or height on box

– scale to step overs