Wednesday 23.3.15 WOD

A. Hang Squat Clean

Every 2:30 for 5 sets perform 3 reps

For Time:

750m Row

40 Wall Balls 20/14

30 HR Push Ups

20 Cal Bike

10 2 DB GTOH 50/35


Warmup: 2 rds

Thread the needle x5e

GB x10

Floor press x10e

Banded bicep curl x10

SA Banded press x10e

Scap pushup into HR pushup x5e

4 Rounds:

A1. DB incline bench x8-10

rest 0:30-1 min

A2. 2 DB bent over row inverted grip x6-8e

rest 1 min

3 rounds:

B1. SA KB Bottom up carry 50ft e

rest 0:30

B2. Weighted high plank 0:40-1 min

rest 1 min



10 Burpees to target

Double KB Farmers carry 100 ft (50 ft lane)

12 Alt DB snatch