Wednesday 23.8.23

A. Overhead Squat 1RM in 15 mins – from empty bar to max 

B. EMOM 8 
Squat Clean

C. Front Squat 
5×3@70-80%; rest 2 mins 

Bonus: If you have time after class spend 30-45 mins Bike/Row/Ski at Zone 2 pace.

– OHS, FS, Clean Strength/technique
– End of OHS cycle – make this the priority
– Squat clean to heavy given EMOM circumstances; push the weight with little rest
– CP Battery – clean
– Front Squat – use percentage off most recent 1RM or go by feel; no failing reps
– bonus cardio: Zone 2 work has many benefits for recovery and overall aerobic capacity

– Scale OHS to back squat or progressive option if the OHS can not be performed with sound 
– Clean – power clean or clean movement on the line of progression appropriate to the athlete and how they feel this day
– Front Squat – scale to appropriate weight for the athlete on this day or scale to back squat if Front rack 
is mechanically unsound