Wednesday 23.5.3 Gymnastics work, Pendlay Rows, Reverse Lunges, Strict Press

This is week 5 of our “Get your first pull up/muscle up or improve your capacity”. Hopefully you are seeing some serious progress!

A. EMOM 14
Odd: L1: 12 Banded Pull Ups L2: 8-12 Kipping Pull Ups L3: 3-5 Muscle Up Transitions to Press out L4: a manageable set of muscle ups
Even: :30 BIke at moderate effort

B. Every 2 mins x 5 sets :
L1 and L2: 5 Pull up negatives + 5 beat wings
L3 and L4: 2-3 RMU negatives + 5 Ring Beat Swings

12 Pendlay Rows 135/95
8 Front Rack Reverse Lunges
6 Strict Presses