Saturday 23.8.19

A. Squat Snatch  E:90×6

5 Back Squat 225/155
3 Ring/Bar Muscle Ups 
500m Row 

– Snatch strength
– Back Squat CP battery – 60-75% of 1RM
– 20 Min time domain triplet – move consistently for 20 mins with little rest outside of transitions
– Muscle up/pull +push endurance
– aim for 5+ rounds
– keep the row pacing manageable

– back squat should be around 60-75% of 1RM 
– newer athletes can scale back squat weight beyond 60-75% to ensure good form and endurace throughout
– avoid progressive scaling on the back squat choose the right weight from the start
– progressive scaling or “drop sets” can cause major soreness; instead keep the weight and rest more; your score may suffer but that is OK
– Muscle ups can be scaled to pull up scales + dips or push ups 
– scale the reps to what is manageable for consistent movement for 20 mins